Thanks to Partners

Founding Partners

The following early support is especially timely, encouraging and deeply appreciated!

$50,000 & Above
Brown Foundation

$10,000 -$49,999
Joe and Sharon Goldston
Read Family in Memory of Verne and Marion
Travis and Bettina Mathis

$5,000 -$9,999
Edgar Martinez
Formosan Golden Bat’s Home/Bat Association of Taiwan
Hugo Vargas-Zesati
Jeff and Helen Acopian
Mark Stevens
Ross and Mary Read
Sandy and Cindy Read
Steve Barlow
Thomas R. Ryan
Tom and Lisa Read

$1,000 – $4,999
Association of Medical Illustrators
Daniel and Heidi Hargreaves
Danielle Brancazio
Dave Weaver
Discover Life in America
Dudley and Mari Houghton
Gretchen Van Cleave-O’Donnell
Janell Cannon
Joan and Herb Kelleher
Jonas Steiger
Mindy Vescovo
National Speleological Society
Scott and Hella McVay

$250 – $999
Betty and George Mading
Christine Cuccia
Deborah Gorman
Ellen Douglas
Guy Baele
Ian Nixon
Karla Payes
Lucyn Weilgos
Mimi McMillen
National Wildlife Federation
Rhea Groepper-Pettit

Barbara Williams
Brenda Shaddox
Butler Magierek
Carolyn Benninghuff
Caroline Van Kirk Bissell
Dania Moss
Glen Novinger
Janie Finch
Jennifer Judd
Kody Wallace
Mary Mousseau
Pat Hunter
Thomas Poulson
Roger Moore
Renee Walker
Sherry Neyman

$50 – $99
Andrew Taylor
Anita Buck
Arianna Tellez
Chris Sitter
Claude Villemagne
Coco Brennan
Corky and Mary Jean Quirk
Cynthia and Charlie Wilcox
Cynthia Meyers
Darlene Varga
Debra Hearne
Derek Morningstar
Donald Oestreicher
Dylan Goldade
Ed West
Greg Asay
Greg Falxa
Gwen Flory
Hanneke Bouwmeester
Jackson Hole Children’s Museum
Jeanette Lebrecht
Jess Townsend
Jinhong Luo
Joette Martin
Lou McNaughton
Lucyn Wielgoss
Paula Wong
Kenneth Nalley
Scott Osborn
Sky and Bobbi Chaney
Robert Ball

Recurring Monthly
Bob Granges
JoEllen Arnold
Steve Sharp
Tapio Productions


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