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Free-tailed bats are some of our most valuable neighbors. We’ve put a spotlight on these common, but underappreciated, critters! Follow the lifecycle of Free-tailed bats from rearing young to first flight and grand summer emergences.

Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation
(MTBC) is Merlin Tuttle’s most recent contribution to the world of bats. With over 60 years of in-depth knowledge and experience, Merlin Tuttle, renowned bat expert, educator, and wildlife photographer, founded MTBC to use his one-of-a-kind experience to help people everywhere to understand and appreciate the vital contributions bats make to human beings and the planet we share. MTBC provides the world’s finest bat photo gallery, the most up-to-date responses to grossly exaggerated disease speculation about bats, and is the only place to access Merlin’s unique expertise and support his work.


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