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Inspiring bat conservation worldwide.


Winning friends, not battles.

Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation (MTBC) was founded by Dr. Merlin Tuttle. He has studied and photographed bats worldwide for more than 60 years. Merlin’s unique photography and communication first led to global appreciation of bats as safe, invaluable, even cute, and likable. No one has better demonstrated the power of combining captivating photos with sound science to win friends instead of battles for bats. Nor has anyone better demonstrated how conservation can benefit humans. Merlin’s legendary photos and experience provide invaluable guidance and inspiration that must be preserved and shared for future generations. He founded and led Bat Conservation International (BCI) for 30 years, then left BCI in 2009 and founded MTBC. MTBC is now Merlin’s sole source of support, both for his ongoing conservation efforts and for preservation of his priceless photo collection and legacy resources.

Merlin Tuttle among the bats emerging from the Seco Creek Bridge in Texas

Our Resources

MTBC provides unique resources on a wide variety of conservation issues.

Selecting a Quality Bat House

MTBC is the only organization with an official bat house certification program.

Essential Bat Values

Insect-eating bats save farmers approximately $23 billion in annual agricultural losses in the United States alone.

Fun Bat Facts

More than 1,400 kinds of bats account for a fifth of all mammal species, ranging from tiny bumblebee bats weighing less than a U.S. penny to giant flying foxes with nearly six-foot wingspans.

Exaggerated Disease Warnings

There is no documentation that Ebola, SARS, MERS, Hendra, or COVID-19 have ever been transmitted from bats to humans.

Photo Gallery

Browse and download Merlin’s famous bat photography.

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Support MTBC

Make a one-time donation or join our annual membership program.

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