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Our Work

Bat Scan Project

MTBC preserves Merlin’s one-of-a-kind photo collection: the world’s most comprehensive coverage of bat diversity, behavior, and values. It is irreplaceable and has served as the backbone of worldwide bat science, education, and conservation for 40 years and counting.

Merlin In Print

Now available: our updated bat house guide!

Member Workshops

Our workshops give our members hands-on experience while expanding knowledge of bats and their unique conservation requirements at locations of special need worldwide.

Ambassadorial Appearances

Wherever we go, Merlin and MTBC serve as captivating ambassadors for bats, often making a lasting difference in each country visited. We provide media appearances, public lectures, training sessions and much-needed conservation advice, as well as photographs essential to public education.


Student scholarships are unsurpassed in their contributions to bat conservation. Most of the world’s more than 1400 species remain unstudied beyond taxonomic descriptions. Research to document their vital ecological and economic roles and put people’s superstitious fears in perspective is urgently needed to reverse alarming decline.


Bat House Certification Program

An unfortunate number of manufacturers market bat houses that are inadequately designed, made of unsuitable material, or fail to provide proper instruction to attract bats. To combat this, MTBC has started a Bat Certification Program for interested vendors. Merlin Tuttle’s Bat House Seal of Approval strengthens confidence in customers wishing to purchase a quality product. The seal is a visible commitment, assuring both manufacturer and purchaser, that the product meets the criteria expected by experienced professionals. If you would like to be included in our list of trusted retailers, please use our Instructions for Applicants

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Michael Lazari Karapetian

Michael Lazari Karapetian has over twenty years of investment management experience. He has a degree in business management, is a certified NBA agent, and gained early experience as a money manager for the Bank of America where he established model portfolios for high-net-worth clients. In 2003 he founded Lazari Capital Management, Inc. and Lazari Asset Management, Inc.  He is President and CIO of both and manages over a half a billion in assets. In his personal time he champions philanthropic causes. He serves on the board of Moravian College and has a strong affinity for wildlife, both funding and volunteering on behalf of endangered species.