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Video Gallery

World's Largest Mammal Migration at Kasanka Park

50 Years of Bat Conservation

MTBC Member Workshop, Costa Rica 2022

Bats at Khao Chong Pran

SXSW 2023

Bats Pollinating Agave

Citizen Scientists: In Search of Bats

Bats Returning Home to Zent's Condo Box

Thermal Bat Flight Footage - Double Chamber Box

The Importance of Bats

The Power of Winning Friends Not Battles

Explore Inner Space Cavern with Merlin Tuttle

Tuttle Tales Episode 1: Khao Chong Pran

TRUE FACTS: Help the Bats!

Bats are Organic Pest Control

Verizon Visible Presents Merlin Tuttle

Of Agaves and Bats

Bats are Power Pollinators!

Bat Fears in Perspective

Careers in Science and Bats - BATS Club Presentation at Texas State University

Advice for Young People Interested in Science and Conservation

Bats are Austin's Favorite Neighbors

BATS: An hour-long compilation of all things bats!

The Truth About Bats (Full Documentary)

Follow Merlin Tuttle through a tight squeeze!

National Wildlife Federation presents: What's Buzzing in Texas?

Rainforests Need Bats!

Finding, Protecting, Restoring Bat Caves with Merlin Tuttle

Merlin Tuttle - "Killing Bats Threatens SE Asia's Billion-Dollar Durian Industry"

November 27, 1984: Merlin Tuttle Shares Bats with David Letterman

Woolly bat trains Merlin Tuttle

Texas Master Naturalist 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Are Bats Really to Blame for the COVID-19 Pandemic? (Spoiler: nope!)

Cave Bats of Tennessee: The Nashville Grotto

Alter Ego Inverso - An Interview with Merlin Tuttle

Career Advice for Young People: "Follow Your Passion"

Texas Legacy Project: Merlin Tuttle

Truth About Bats and Disease: Discussion with Merlin Tuttle

What did Austin, TX and Phnom Penh, Cambodia have in common? Bats!

Bat Economics

Girls and STEAM 2022: Bugs, Bees and Bats

Les Chauves Souris D'algerie: Merlin Tuttle Introduces the Importance of Conserving Bats at Algeria's University of Bejaia

Bat Houses at Swift River Pecans Orchard, Texas

Bats at Los Cedros Reserve, Ecuador

Bats, Bees and other backyard beasts - A Science World Online Family Event

Merlin Tuttle's Keynote Address at North American Society of Bat Research Symposium 2016

Michael Lazari Karapetian

Michael Lazari Karapetian has over twenty years of investment management experience. He has a degree in business management, is a certified NBA agent, and gained early experience as a money manager for the Bank of America where he established model portfolios for high-net-worth clients. In 2003 he founded Lazari Capital Management, Inc. and Lazari Asset Management, Inc.  He is President and CIO of both and manages over a half a billion in assets. In his personal time he champions philanthropic causes. He serves on the board of Moravian College and has a strong affinity for wildlife, both funding and volunteering on behalf of endangered species.