BatsLIVE Interviews Merlin

Merlin's Interview with BatsLIVE

I’m excited to share this new webcast: BatsLIVE, A Distance Learning Adventure.  Merlin was interviewed recently in his office by Ben Swecker of BatsLIVE, while Richard Shahan video recorded for a future segment.  Off camera, lots of stories of adventure and good luck were shared.  

The BatsLIVE crew will be back at Bracken Cave on September 18th for a live webcast of the bats emerging with participation from viewers.  I can’t wait to watch it from home.

Merlin and I will be returning the day before from a month-long trip to Thailand (Subscribe and follow us), but we hope to watch the live webcast. I’ve had a couple of birthday parties at Bracken Cave with family and friends.  My first date with Merlin was at Bracken Cave.  The Bracken experience is always different but one I always enjoy.

     Watching and participating in the program is easy! Just click on the webcast link that will be on the homepage: If you cant watch the program live, it will be archived on the web site approximately a week later (on September 25) and available as streaming video.