Join the Nightlife! And Discover the World of Bats and Pecans​

Earlier this year, we partnered with Bat Survey Solutions to survey for bats at Swift River Pecans, where MTBC is currently testing characteristics of bat house success in Texas. The goal was to identify bat species using native pecan forests and cultivated orchards and to document their role in agricultural pest control. We identified seven species using mist nets, harp […]

Bat Flash! Unveiling the Real World of Bats in a Time of Misinformation

The avalanche of speculative reports associating bats with COVID-19 seems never ending. However, at a time of scary misinformation, bat researchers and conservationists worldwide are discovering new reasons to appreciate bats, some decades in the making. In Central America, researchers from the Free University of Berlin analyzed communication between bat mothers and their pups. Just like […]