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Arc of Appalachia Celebrates Bats


Oh, Ohio, where have you been all my life? Such a natural beauty! I recently experienced the elegance of spring in the Appalachians of south-central Ohio, where Merlin was invited to speak at the Wildflower Pilgrimage, an annual event of the nonprofit Arc of Appalachia. You may wonder, as I did, why an event celebrating […]

Adventures of a Real Batman: 1966 – 1967
Chapter 5: Shamatari Adventure​

Shamatari family sharing guama fruit with Merlin. Photo Credit: Merlin Tuttle While working at his new camp at Boca Mavaca, Merlin noticed two men, who were conspicuous by their extraordinary curiosity. When he questioned Cecil Neese, his local host, he learned they were visiting from a distant Shamatari village. Cecil explained that he and anthropologist, […]

Adventures of a Real Batman: 1966 – 1967
Chapter 4: Yanomamö and Boca Mavaca​

The SVP expedition motored from Belen on the Rio Cunacunuma to the Orinoco, and finally the Rio Mavaca into Yanomamö land Hoping for the first convert On completion of work on Cerro Duida, the expedition traveled back down the Rio Cunacunuma to Tamatama, the location of the New Tribes Mission headquarters where they had stockpiled […]

Adventures of a Real Batman: 1966 – 1967
Chapter 2: Belén Base Camp

One of the two SVP expedition’s dugout canoes on Rio Cunacunuma, Venezuela. Photo Credit: Merlin Tuttle “If our Maquiritare crew hadn’t been as experienced at piloting dugouts in such challenging conditions, everything could’ve been lost, or we could’ve drowned. It was crazy!” Merlin Tuttle The expedition set off on the wide, calmly flowing Orinoco, soon […]

Adventures of a Real Batman: 1966 – 1967
Chapter 1 – Back To Venezuela

airplane leaving the united states

Map created by Jim Barker of New Tribes Mission, June 1964, from Merlin Tuttle’s personal records Braniff flight #542 from Washington Dulles touched down at Aeropuerto Internacional de Maiquetia “Simón Bolívar,” on a muggy December evening in 1966. The passengers poured from the clamshell door down the airstair to the sizzling tarmac. A winsome bearded […]

Costa Rica’s Bat-Friendly Hotel

Merlin and I recently spent an especially productive week promoting bat conservation at the Harmony Hotel in northwestern Costa Rica. Merlin’s lecture, introducing the many values of Costa Rican bats, attracted a large and enthusiastic audience that included both hotel guests and community members. Thanks to the owner’s passionate commitment to a healthy, sustainable environment, […]

Batman Returns

Last week, Merlin returned to his favorite institution of science, the Milwaukee Public Museum, where he spent his first 11 years as a young scientist (1974-86). He served as Curator of Mammals, with outstanding freedom to study and photograph bats, often funded and assisted by museum donors and volunteers, especially Verne and Marion Read and their […]

Michael Lazari Karapetian

Michael Lazari Karapetian has over twenty years of investment management experience. He has a degree in business management, is a certified NBA agent, and gained early experience as a money manager for the Bank of America where he established model portfolios for high-net-worth clients. In 2003 he founded Lazari Capital Management, Inc. and Lazari Asset Management, Inc.  He is President and CIO of both and manages over a half a billion in assets. In his personal time he champions philanthropic causes. He serves on the board of Moravian College and has a strong affinity for wildlife, both funding and volunteering on behalf of endangered species.