Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation Field Workshop: Bats of Kasanka National Park 2022

We’re delighted to invite you to Zambia with Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation!

Due to high demand, we’ve added a second trip to Zambia 2022.


Trips of lifetime and not to be missed!

21st OCTOBER – 1st NOVEMBER 2022


Accomodations for this first leg will be shared chalets at the luxurious Lake Wasa Lodge. All persons will have their own bed. Photo below!

2nd NOVEMBER – 13th NOVEMBER 2022


Accomodations for the second leg will be shared safari tents at the low-impact Kinda Camp research station. All persons will have their own bed. Photos below!

Both trip activities will be the same, only the accomodations are different. We will witness millions of straw colored fruit bats in the largest most spectacular aggregation of flying foxes in the world at Kasanka National Park.


We will help document and highlight this spectacle whilst helping with crucial research on the other 38 bat species known to reside within the park.


Recently the park has been threatened with agricultural encroachment which will damage the sensitive habitats the bats require.


We will help to document their plight and use the funds to help rebuild the dilapidated education and research camp. Even if you cannot join the trip, you can still support rebuliding of the camp.


Working with the parks conservation team we will be carrying out systematic surveys to document, photograph and learn about the many fascinating bat species.


Both locations are home to hippos, elephants, many antelope species, and bats!

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These trips are rare opportunities, locations, and prices; including all in-country costs, minus alcoholic beverages.

Flights are not included. Visa and travel insurance not included.
We must abide by local health and travel regulations, including vaccination requirements. 

If you wish to handle bats, you’ll need proof of a recent rabies vaccination or an acceptable titer, but rabies vaccination is not required for attendance. 


If this is something you’ve dreamed of doing, be sure to respond asap.
Spaces will fill quickly, don’t be left out! Response does not guarantee acceptance. Please don’t send money until we have verified your tentative acceptance and sent required details.

Thank you for your interest and support!


Even if you don’t attend, you can still support our work here by repping one of our Kasanka bats tshirts or donating here!

FIRST TRIP: October 21st – November 1st, we will stay in the comfortable Wasa Lodge chalets in Kasanka National Park on the shores of Lake Wasa. Pictured below.

SECOND TRIP: November 2nd – November 13th, we will be camping in the shared safari tents at Kinda Camp in Kasanka National Park. Pictured below.