The Bats of Trinidad and Tobago, A Field Guide and Natural History


Bats of Trinidad and Tobago is one of the finest books thus far published about bats. It is Bats of Trinidad and Tobago Coverthoroughly researched, provides comprehensive coverage of one of the world’s richest bat faunas and is outstandingly illustrated. It is an easy and fascinating read for the layperson yet will also serve as an essential reference work for professional bat biologists. Anyone interested in bats should own a copy.

Geoffrey Gomes is a leading Trinidadian naturalist who is also a self-taught expert on local bats. As a naturalist, he provides broad ecosystem insights and a wide variety of fun folklore and practical advice not often covered by traditional bat biologists. Fiona Reid is unsurpassed in her knowledge of Latin American bats, has authored a wide variety of books on mammals, and is internationally recognized as a leading wildlife illustrator, specializing in bats. Having spent substantial time in the field with both authors, I am well aware of the depth of their knowledge and delighted to highly recommend the outstanding result of their co-authored partnership.

This book provides thorough, jargon-free coverage of bat natural history with special emphasis on the essential ecosystem roles of bats. Readers will learn the benefits of conserving and living harmoniously with bats, overcome needless fear, find solutions to occasional nuisance problems and be endlessly fascinated by bat sophistications and contributions to human wellbeing. The entire book is lavishly and extraordinarily well illustrated. It is the only source for life-size illustrations of all 70 species of bats known from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

–By Merlin Tuttle

On the Trinibats website you can look inside the book and see some of Fiona’s life-size bat artwork, Merlin’s photographs (a couple of my own got in!) and also read some of the enthusiastic endorsements. When ordering your copy, please use the links below.

Geoffrey Gomes and Fiona Reid demonstrating bats to BCI members in Trinidad.
Geoffrey Gomes and Fiona Reid demonstrating bats to BCI members in Trinidad.
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Merlin’s Book and Bulgaria

After arriving home from South Africa on the 1st of May, Merlin immediately began work revising his manuscript titled Adventures of the Real Bat Man. Intended as a story-telling introduction to the amazing world of bats, it is now in press with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and the first round of editing has been completed. And there will be LOTS of bat photos in it! Prior to making final photo selections for the book, Merlin wants a few more photos of bats catching insects, one of the more difficult challenges in bat photography.

To that end, we leave tomorrow for Bulgaria. Merlin will provide a public bat lecture in Sofia at the British Consulate on Saturday. Then we’ll drive north from Sofia to the Siemers Bat Research Station in the village of Tabachka. Located near the Romanian border, and surrounded by hundreds of caves, the area supports 23 of Bulgaria’s 33 bat species. We’ll be joined in Sofia by bat research colleagues, Daniela Schmieder and Antonia Hubancheva, both of whom are exceptionally experienced in captive maintenance and training of insect-eating bats.

The combination of Dani and Toni’s special knowledge and help, bat research facilities and diverse and abundant bats, combined with enthusiastic invitations to visit, was too much for us to resist. We hope to have internet connections there, so stay tuned for progress reports!

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