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Photo Downloads 101

Member Discount Codes:

Members of MTBC receive discounts on photo downloads; if you’d like more information on becoming a member click here. Members will enter their coupon codes as detailed in step six of the instructions below.

General Instructions:

Visit the Photo Gallery. When you find the photo you wish to use, click “Buy Photo” and choose “Add to Cart.” The image will then appear in your Cart. Visit your Cart by clicking “View Shopping Cart” or the shopping cart icon on the top right of the page. It should indicate the number of items you have in your cart with a small number. Click “Begin Checkout” and enter the coupon code in the space provided below your subtotal. You may still need to fill out your payment information, however, as long as you’ve correctly entered the coupon code (always double-check!) the balance will be zero and you will be discounted the correct amount based on your coupon code.

1. Click on the image you’d like to see/select:

2. Click “BUY PHOTO” buttoning the lower right corner the image:

3. Depending on your needs, select the file size from the menu pop-up on the left side of the screen:

4. Click “Add to Cart”:

5. You may then either “View Shopping Cart” or “Continue Shopping”:

6. Inside the Shopping Cart, you may enter a coupon code if you have one, and click “Begin Checkout”:

7. Enter your Billing Info, Payment Type, and click “Review Order.” 

(*Note* This information must be completed, even if you have a coupon code for any amount off, including 100%):

8. Review your order. (*Note* The sales tax will be applicable per your location.) Click “Place Order”:

9. Success! Now you can download your image. Click the “DOWNLOAD” Button to get your image(s). 

(*Note* This photo shows what an order page would look like with a full discount coupon applied, resulting in 0 balance.)

10. You should also receive an email receipt from “” Check your spam box if you don’t see it in your main inbox.

The email will look like this:

Michael Lazari Karapetian

Michael Lazari Karapetian has over twenty years of investment management experience. He has a degree in business management, is a certified NBA agent, and gained early experience as a money manager for the Bank of America where he established model portfolios for high-net-worth clients. In 2003 he founded Lazari Capital Management, Inc. and Lazari Asset Management, Inc.  He is President and CIO of both and manages over a half a billion in assets. In his personal time he champions philanthropic causes. He serves on the board of Moravian College and has a strong affinity for wildlife, both funding and volunteering on behalf of endangered species.