Member Workshops

MTBC invites members to join in the field!

Participants enthusiastically improve their bat handling, photography, and conservation skills while providing major survey of the local bats and greatly aiding local staff in their knowledge of bats. MTBC provides the community and participants with the images he photographed, including a diverse array of portraits and behavior, for educational use. Of course, participants also took many more of their own, greatly contributing to their ability to serve as ambassadors for bats. Thanks to the extreme dedication of all concerned, we are able to document the presence of local species which aids greatly in community education.

We intend to provide these hands-on opportunities annually for our members while expanding knowledge of bats and their unique conservation requirements at locations of special need worldwide. 


COVID concerns forced cancellation of most face-to-face speaking engagements and workshops in 2020 and 2021. We hope to resume member workshops in 2022.