It Takes a Painted Bat Village…

Merlin and Daniel searching for a location for the photo studio

Arriving before sundown allowed us enough time to set up the photo studio and search for bats to photograph.  Our host family offered one of their stilt buildings.  Underneath turned out to be the perfect dimension for the studio.

The ducks objected vociferously.  Each of the four nights we stayed there, ducks had to be escorted out of the studio. They would waddle in, not seeing the netting and chased around quacking till they found the opening.

Viewing photos on the laptop, with chickens under foot

The chickens didn’t seem to notice we’d invaded their scratching area.  Merlin set up a makeshift desk and they stirred up a cloud of dust all around him.

With everyone helping, the studio was up in record time, and we were out in the rice paddies searching for painted bats to model for the photographer.  Our knowledgeable rice farmers had no trouble finding the bats.

After a quick dinner of wonderful Thai food, Merlin and Daniel began to take flight shots of the painted bat.

No sooner had they started, when it began to pour.  Wind blew the rain into the studio, but Merlin and Daniel continued to get fabulous photographs of the painted bat.  It takes a village of enthusiastic, energetic people working together to get the beautiful photos you’ll soon see of these spectacular bats.

Despite the rain blowing in, Daniel and Merlin photographed the painted bat