Algerian Bat Group Workshop Success

Les Chauves Souris D’algerie, ALGERIAN BAT GROUP recently held a bat workshop in Algeria, hosted by Professor Mourad Ahmim of the University of Bejaia. The workshop focused on the importance of bats and their impact on the national economy. Merlin was asked to provide this 8-minute video introduction for workshop participants, giving them an overview of bat values and […]

Praise for Positivity

Many thanks to Mother Jones for this positive article and interview about bats with Merlin. Bats need lots more positive attention! Please take a moment to thank the author, Jenna Luna, and/or the Mother Jones staff for publishing truthful bat information. Listen to the Inquiring Minds podcast interview with Merlin here, interview begins at the 4:30 mark:

2017 Bat Calendar

2017 calendar of Merlin Tuttle’s bat photography is now available! View the photos and get your calendar HERE  

The Power of Bat Photos

Stellaluna was brilliantly written and beautifully illustrated by one of our first Bat Fans, Janell Cannon. It’s the story of a baby fruit bat who gets separated from its mother. Since publication in 1993 this book has been translated into 30 languages. Stellaluna is a classic that significantly helped to endear kids, big and small, to if not […]

BAT FLASH! Countering Irresponsible Speculation that Threatens both Bats and Public Health

Merlin Tuttle Bat Flash

What’s going on? The October 26, 2016 issue of ScienceDaily published an especially misleading story that poses a direct threat to both bats and public health. In this story, a fragment of an influenza A-like virus was discovered in a Latin American fruit-eating bat. The initial conclusion was that it posed “little, if any, pandemic threat to humans.” A little yellow-shouldered baat (Sturnira lilium), […]

BAT FLASH! Countering Delta Airlines Promotion of Bat-Eating

Merlin Tuttle Bat Flash

What’s Going On? In its October 2016 issue, Sky Delta, Delta Airlines in-flight magazine, published a particularly offensive article titled Dare-to-Eat-Foods, sub-headed “Looking to up your culinary fear factor? Give one of these five uncommon-in-the-U.S. items a try,” by  Andrew Zimmern. The article recommends hunting and eating bats, animals that are being over-hunted to the verge of extinction, […]

White-Nose Syndrome: New Policies Needed for Cave Management

Merlin has updated our White-Nose Syndrome resource page. As he explains, WNS has now spread from coast to coast despite our best efforts. There is no longer hope of stopping, slowing or finding a cure that can be effectively applied. It is time to focus on helping the survivors rebuild populations from resistant remnants. Further surveys to […]

Merlin’s response on bats and mosquito control

We have been receiving increasing inquiries about the possible relevance of bats and bat houses to mosquito control. Here is Merlin’s response. A little brown myotis (Myotis lucifugus) in flight in Wisconsin. One bat can catch up to 1,000 mosquito-sized insects in a single hour.

Mission Accomplished in Taiwan

Taiwan’s Endemic Species Research Institute provided ideal facilities and hospitality thanks to Director, Kuo-Yun Fang’s and Research Fellow, Hsi-Chi Cheng’s enthusiastic support and the outstanding collaboration of their staff, especially Cheng-Han Chou (Shock) and Yu-chun Tan (Tammy). Setting up our bat photo studio at the Endemic Species Research Institute in Taiwan Teresa Tang helping Merlin frame and […]

Formosan Golden Bats’ Home to Taiwan’s National Museum of Natural Science

After taking over 1,500 photographs, here are some shots from the Formosan Golden Bat’s Home. Formosan golden bat (Myotis formosus flavus) portrait Formosan golden bat (Myotis formosus flavus) group roosting in tree Formosan golden bat (Myotis formosus flavus) in flight Formosan golden bat (Myotis formosus flavus) group roosting in tree Formosan golden bat (Myotis formosus […]