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I have long been a believer in the power of good photos for conservation. But they work even better when paired with a passionate, intelligent speaker. That’s why I was delighted to receive the below email from Shera, the Co-Executive Director at PROGRES Sulawesi & Conservation Scientist at the Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia.

Dear Mr. Merlin Tuttle,

I am Shera, a bat scientist from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. I have studied bats since 2013, studying their ecosystem services and establishing locally-led conservation to protect the flying colony from hunting in Central Sulawesi ( I have followed and known your works since the beginning of my career on this ‘bat path’. 

On January, 29, I am invited to give a talk for TEDx Jakarta in Indonesia on the importance of bats. I found your photos are captivating and I believe, have so much power, to show the roles of bats in delivering ecosystem services. For example, the photos of bats feeding on Agave flowers, feeding on insects, as well as flying foxes feeding on flower nectars. I would like to ask whether it is possible for me to use your photos for my TEDx presentation? in which I will clearly write the copyright. This TEDx will target the young generation of Indonesia to understand the role of wildlife in nature and people’s livelihood, as part of a nature-based solution to mitigate climate change.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you

Best regards,


Thanks to your support, we were able to quickly provide gratis access to our entire collection of digital images, as well as a copy of one of my detailed slide presentations, including speaking points and notes, in less than four hours from receipt of the request. 

This is one of the many, many uses the MTBC photo collection is providing worldwide thanks to your generosity. I hope you’ll enjoy watching this fantastic presentation from a brilliant young scientist, and take pride in your role in making it possible.

Kindest Regards,

Merlin Tuttle

These photos, and more, are brought to you by the generous supporters of the Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation Bat Scan Project. We’re eager to share more and see how you can make a difference using them! It takes a lot of work and attention; learn how you can support the Bat Scan Project here!

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