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Bat Intelligence

(Rhinolophus mehelyi) Mehelyi's horshoe bat with a moth
Mehelyi’s horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus mehelyi) eating a month on a favorite perch
Rhinolophus mehelyi) Mehelyi's horshoe bat eating a moth in flight
Mehelyi’s horshoe bat (Rhinolophus mehelyi)  carrying a moth in flight

Daniela ‘Dani’ Schmieder can train bats to fly to her hand for food. This comes in handy for photographing them in the studio, as they can be called to a specific location. They become used to her and let her pick them up for the next photo op, without having to chase them all around the photo studio.  As soon as the bats are captured in the wild, we must work with them and keep it up each night, until we get the desired results. Each of these photos required an entire night of work and hundreds of images with Merlin and Dani collaborating. I made a short video of Dani working her magic with the bats.



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